ObjectBar Version 2.0 Free trial

Make your own taskbar and desktop layout and customize it easily, making it look nice and attractive

Do you want to get your windows customized according to your will? It may not be possible before but now, giving your desktop the looks which you want is possible now.
ObjectBar is the tool which has been developed to allow you to modify your desktop and taskbar as you wish, giving it nice, wonderful look than before. The software can be managed very easily and it can be customized completely.
ObjectBar allows its users access to large variety of bars and themes for their desktop from its gallery. Every operating system works in its own unique way, it accesses the files, information and the tasks it is given in its own style. With ObjectBar, you gain the power to rule those ways by which operating system work and make it work according to your requirements.
You can place the files and all material on your desktop wherever you want using the special filters which ObjectBar has. Also, you can have access to the properties of all the files and folders. Objects can be easily browsed.
The software is very easy to find, download and install. It is also free to use. Anyone can download and start customizing their desktops using this software. Also, it can work with Windows (98, 2000, 2003, 7, 8, XP, Vista).
ObjectBar has been checked for the presence of any malware or a virus and it is found free of it, which makes it secure for your operating system. Combination of all the above features makes it attractive software for you.
Users come first